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We collect knowledge-rich blogs from evaluators and persons both within and without our community. These blogs offer writers the opportunity to narrate in less formal writing styles their personal evaluation experiences, capture evaluation findings in easy-to-understand ways while engaging the community with other relevant knowledge.


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Chance to Make Infrastructure Climate-Friendly

Vinod Thomas
Director General
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As multilateral development banks, private sources and governments gear up to fill massive infrastructure gaps in Asia, we must not miss a unique opportunity.

We Are All Knowledge Brokers, You Know

James Smith
Strategic Consultant & Community Facilitator
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We're all knowledge brokers. As social beings we naturally pass around information, filtering it and combining it with other bits of information that we think are relevant or interesting, then communicating that to others.

What Would You Do with 200 Million US Dollars?

Dennis Bours
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I recently had an informal meeting with the kind people of the University of Maryland's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, who focus on environmental decision-making under u

Book Review "Engaging the Public with Climate Change"

Dennis Bours
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A few weeks ago I wrote a book review of Philip Eubanks' book titled The Troubled Rhetoric and Communication of Climate Change: The argumentative situation.

Making Evidence Practical for Development

Joe Dickman
The MasterCard Foundation
Deputy Director, Research, Evaluation and Learning
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Evidence produced from research and evaluation plays an important role in shaping how we address international development challenges.

To Innovate, or Not to Innovate

Dennis Bours
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There is a steady stream of reports on using innovation to address climate change,

Climate Change Adaptation Governance Indicators

Donovan Burton
Climate Planning
Climate Planning Specialist
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Planning for the impacts of climate change is a complex and challenging issue. Solutions can only be driven through informed decision-making and to date there is little evidence to suggest that this is occurring in any meaningful way in most of the cities around the world.

Book Review "The Troubled Rhetoric and Communication of Climate Change"

Dennis Bours
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For the summer period I'll be posting a number of book reviews on Climate-Eval. This week, two books ended up on my desk, begging to be read.

Triple Objectives: Sustainable Development, Climate Change Mitigation, and Climate Change Adaptation

Debora Ley
USAID Central America Regional Clean Energy Initiative
Renewable Energy Expert
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Rural communities throughout Latin America are increasingly suffering the impacts of climate change and few policies exist to he

The Urban Adaptation Assessment (UAA) Framework: Three Levels of Analysis

Chen Chen
Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index
Research Scientist
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Continuing its effort at the country level to measure climate vulnerability and measure readiness to accept adaptation investment, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) now starts down-scaling t